BTS V’s 10 Hottest Voice Recordings From His Game Night With The Chosen ARMYs

Straight from the squad chat of the lucky ARMYs who got to play PUBG with V!

On January 15, 2020, BTS‘s V asked ARMYs to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with him — after posing a series of rules on how to be invited on Weverse. Since then, some lucky ARMYs were chosen and soon united with V in the virtual world! And while V did ask ARMYs to refrain from recording any screenshots of the gameplay that could disclose his ID, he did not prohibit them from making voice-only recordings. Hence, after what became the most surreal game night of their lives, the chosen have graciously shared V’s voice recordings which they were able to grab from the squad chat. V sounds nothing short of the sweetest Taetae we have come to know — and these recordings have all ARMYs signing up to learn how to play PUBG!


1. “Nuna, good night!”

When everyone on V’s squad died, including V, the squad began saying goodbye as it was the last round. This is V saying good bye to one of the nuna players who played on the squad.


2. “Nunim, shall we go this way?”

As V and his squad-mates were spread out “farming”, V asked one of them if they should head the same way. Here’s V calling the player nunim — a slightly more formal version of nuna — and guiding the way.


3. “How old are you, maknae?”

After two squad-mates disclosed their ages, V wanted to know the last player’s age. Assuming he was older, V casually called this player maknae — which, as most ARMYs know from Jungkook‘s nickname of Golden Maknae, means the youngest person.


4.  “Nunim, I pinged it for you.”

When a squad-mate asked for the whereabouts of something, V had the answer. He used PUBG’s ping-ing feature to point out where it is on the map. This is V alerting his squad-nuna that he marked the location like a good, reliable squad-mate.


5. “Oh man, we didn’t even make it in the top 10!?”

After the promised two rounds of gameplay ended, the rankings revealed that V’s squad didn’t quite make it. Here’s V claiming in disappointment, “We didn’t even make in the top 10.” When his squad-mates also share disappointment, commenting in game slang that it was their final round too, V quickly turned curious and asks, “What does that mean?”


6. “Watch the blue zone behind you…”

V is for vigilant, or so it seems. This is V warning his squad that the blue zone is approaching behind them. He also asks, “Did you nunas go farming?” to make sure that his squad is stocked up on BPs.


7. “I did it though, I’m good, huh?”

Here’s V feeling extra proud of himself for inviting an ARMY with a difficult ID. The conversation goes:

V: Player 3! Aren’t you… the one who wrote on Weverse… that it might be hard for me to invite you because you have a long name?
Player 3: Yes, that’s me.
V: I did it though! I’m good, huh?
Player 3: (Laughs)
Unrecorded, Player 4: He wants you to say, ‘Good job!’
V: Yep. That’s what I want to hear…


8. “Oop, I grabbed it. Let me… give it to you…”

When a squad-mate wanted to get her hands on something, the reliable V comments he picked it up on the way. He then offers to hand it over to her like a true gentleman!


9. “I don’t want to hear it!!!”

When a squad-mate tried to hit on V with her best line, V playfully turned her down and told her to stop talking. In the recording she starts off, “Oppa, you probably don’t need to go stargazing, huh? Because…” Then, V cuts her off and says, “I don’t want to hear it…!” As she drops the punchline, “because your eyes are full of stars already,” the shyest shy-boy V says, “Be quiet…!” And though not recorded, ARMYs can almost hear the thud of the whole sqaud dropping their UWUs.


10. “Dear ARMYs, happy new year… and good night!”

And finally, here’s V personally wishing his squad a happy 2020 and a good night!

Source: THEQOO