BTS Fans Confess The Funniest Misconceptions They Had About V

He confused these “Baby ARMYs”…a lot.

From learning the members’ names to wrapping your mind around the BTS Universe, stanning BTS can be confusing, at first. ARMYs are trending the hashtag #ArmyConfessionTime to share the funniest misconceptions they had about the group as “baby” ARMYs. Here are 10+ about V!

1. “V Live” was made for V

2. What do you mean V and Taehyung aren’t two different people?

3. He’s one of the Kim cousins

4. This maknae line mixup

5. When you can’t believe your eyes…or his

6. Ending all models

7. Rapper V, rise!

8. When the fictional BTS Universe got a little too real

9. The viral photo that caused mass confusion

No, this is not V…but can we stan him anyway? This married model, Bang Taeeun, looked so much like V in this photo that even longtime fans did a double-take!

10. That time we (didn’t) meet V’s mom

11. Blue With Luv

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Common Misconceptions & Stereotypes

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