10 Incorrect Jin “Facts” That New BTS Fans Used To Believe 

“Baby ARMY” shared their funniest misconceptions about him.

Who is Jin from BTS? What is he really like? Some new fans had a hard time figuring it out! On Twitter, ARMYs trended the hashtag #ArmyConfessionTime to share the funniest misconceptions they used to have about BTS. Here are 10 “incorrect” facts about Jin!

1. Jin Hit Entertainment is real

Fact: This is (somewhat) true now! In 2020, Jin became a shareholder in Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE), along with the rest of his members, but “Jin Hit Entertainment” began as a joke, back in 2015.

2. Jin’s dad owns Big Hit Entertainment

Fact: Jin comes from a family of entrepreneurs, but his father doesn’t own BTS’s agency. It was founded by Bang Si Hyuk.

3. Jin’s dad owns everything

Fact: BTS are brand ambassadors for Samsung, but Jin’s father is not involved — as far as we know!

4. He’s the “normal” one

Fact: Jin is hilarious, playful, and his antics always make fans laugh!

5. He’s also the “quiet” one

Fact: “Calm” and “quiet” are not the best words to describe him.

6. He isn’t the oldest member

Fact: Jin often acts like the maknae, but he really is the oldest member of BTS. He is, however, the youngest member of his family. He has an older brother named Kim Seokjung.

7. He’s Jungkook’s older brother

Fact: Jin and Jungkook do act like siblings, but they aren’t related.

8. He is part of the rap line

Fact: Jin can rant so quickly that it sounds like he’s rapping, but he is not part of the rap line — yet.

9. Jin and Jungkook are interchangeable

Fact: Many fans confused Jin for Jungkook and vice versa, even though they are five years apart.

10. “Jin” is short for “Jimin”

Fact: “Jimin” and “Jin” sound similar, but they are two completely different members.

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