Real Or Fake? Every Photo Of BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Has Been “Leaked”

The photos behind the rumors.

HYBE Labels and YG Entertainment have yet to address the latest dating rumors about their respective artists, BTS‘s and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. The rumors have stemmed from new “leaked” photos of the two together on multiple occasions. As such, fans have taken it upon themselves to investigate the evidence in the hopes of protecting V and Jennie and dispelling false rumors.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/Twitter 

At present, it is unclear if any of these photos are authentic, but ARMYs and BLINKs are both standing by the idols. Many are defending Jennie and V’s right to live freely, while encouraging everyone to support the stars, no matter the rumors’ outcome.


1. Jeju Island

Speculation about V and Jennie’s rumored relationship began in December of 2021 after V accidentally followed Jennie’s Instagram account. The first leaked “dating photo,” however, did not surface until May of 2022. At the time, several Korean media outlets reported that the stars had spent time together on Jeju Island, a popular vacation destination for couples, friends, family, and tourists.

An alleged photo of Jennie and V | @dailyfashion_news/Instagram

This is a photo that was sent in today. It might be they’re lookalikes, but it is allegedly a photo of two top idols. The female idol, in particular, has been rumored to have broken up with an OG idol member. So fans seem to be more receptive to this photo as true. We won’t name any names as we are not able to fact-check the photo.

— Instagram Account @dailyfashion_news

While waiting for an official statement, fans closely studied the car photo for editing flaws and scoured the internet for photos that could have been doctored. ARMYs pointed out the similarity between the car photo and a scene with V and J-Hope from BTS’s vacation reality series, BTS In the SOOP.

BLINKs, on the other hand, pointed out that the woman in the photo is wearing Jennie’s GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses, but her hair color did not match the color that Jennie had at the time while visiting Jeju.

In response to the photo, YG Entertainment released the following statement:

We have nothing to say.

— YG Entertainment

2. Backstage Mirror Selfie

This week, the first of three new photos of the alleged couple went viral online. In it, a woman who appears to be Jennie snaps a photo of V as a stylist curls his hair.

Alleged photo of Jennie and V

Unlike the Jeju Island photo, fans could not immediately find existing shots of V and Jennie that disproved the “edited” photo’s authenticity. Some fans suspected that the mirror selfie was a real dating photo that had been stolen from Jennie’s phone, while others believe the photo could have combined two separate, privately taken photos to create a single “lovestagram” shot. Since fans wouldn’t have access to the original photos, any photo manipulation would be difficult to prove.

As some netizens have pointed out, however, Jennie and V were both in Los Angeles at the same time, wearing the accessories seen in the alleged lovstagram photo.

Clothes and accessories “evidence”
Clothes and accessories “evidence”

3. V’s Apartment

The second new “dating photo” of V and Jennie was posted online by user @gurumiharibo, the same person who released the mirror selfie. It shows Jennie and V dressed in matching clothes in the hallway of V’s apartment.

The apartment does appear to be the same one V posted a photo of on his own Instagram. Once again, fans have struggled to locate the original photo(s), but that does not necessarily mean this photo is 100% authentic.

In a detailed thread, Twitter user Neon claims that the photos’ original poster (OP) edited the images to turn a profit. To get to the bottom of the situation, Neon approached the OP via email as a potential customer. They offered to pay the OP to edit two celebrities together; the OP was interested in accepting the job in exchange for a three-figure sum.

If the photos are fake, it’s a sophisticated job that could have involved the use of real, private photos or editing V and Jennie’s heads onto strangers’ bodies. Even the most skilled photo editors can, however, make errors. Some netizens have zeroed in on editing blunders that they say should discredit the photos.

Fans say that the OP has since admitted to doctoring the mirror selfie and apartment selfie.

4. Jennie’s Balloon

Earlier this week, Jennie shared a photo of gifts she received from Hera Beauty, including balloons. Before posting, Jennie edited out the background, masking her location.

The original photo on Jennie’s Instagram story

The balloon on the left reflected what some netizens believe could be V’s apartment.

Photo posted on Jennie’s Instagram story with balloon circled
Close-up of the balloon’s reflection

Since then, fan-detectives have compared details from the reflection to V’s apartment, but nothing about Jennie’s location or her decision to erase it has been confirmed.

Alleged evidence of V’s apartment in the balloon’s reflection
Alleged evidence of V’s apartment in the balloon’s reflection

The Gurumiharibo Leaks

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