Here Are 10+ Times BTS’s V Looked Flawless In Bright Blue Hair

#6 was a look.

Not a day goes by where ARMYs don’t miss BTS V‘s iconic blue hair. Check out some of his most memorable moments with the gorgeous color below!

1. He knows what he’s doing.

2. Blue hair was made for him.

3. He looks angelic with this stunning color.

4. ARMYs beware of this one!

5. Even in a suit, the daring color still works for him.

6. It’s his gorgeous face that makes him able to pull it off so well!

7. When he adds a headband, it looks even better.

8. He can be cute and innocent…

9. …or handsome and cool!

10. He can do it all.

11. BRB, waiting for his blue hair to return.

12. Only he could make this color look so good.

13. Every time he uploads a selfie, ARMYs are blessed by his good looks.

14. Is this Prince Charming?

15. Curly is even cuter!

If you thought you loved the blue ‘do, check out how good he looks in red hair below!

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