5 Moments Of BTS’s V Flirting With The Camera To Make Your Monday Blues Go Away

We’re in love!

Got them Monday blues? Need a little pick-me-up apart from your dose of morning coffee? We’ve got you covered! Here’s 5 moments in which BTS‘s V was downright flirting with the camera!

1. Christmas vibes

Are you still basking in your Christmas feels? Here’s V all dressed up and ready to rock the holidays.

| pann

If that little jacket tease wasn’t enough, here’s his sweet gaze that’s warm enough to make you melt.

| pann

2. Winky face

V gets playful with a lip bite and wink, just for yo- er, the camera.

| pann

3. Stage presence

Did you notice that his jacket and in-ear device is matching? No? Neither did we, due to the beautiful distraction his face makes.

4. Mellow vibes

V’s trademark melancholic eyes come to play during an emotional piece.

5. Ringing in the New Year

Finally, in a GIF overflowing with Winter celebration vibes, here’s the only man we want to ring in the new year with!

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Source: pann