Here Is A Decade Of BTS V’s Glow Up, In A Series Of His Hello-s To ARMYs

What a good decade it has been for V and us both.

Since his debut in 2013, BTS‘s V has not once missed out on serving looks as the face of the group. And though he came ready with the most perfect visuals made of K-Pop fans’ dreams, he somehow found a way to become even more breathtaking over the years! As V bloomed from a pretty boy into a gorgeous man, his live broadcasts captured the glow up. Walk through V’s transformation:


1. V in June 2013

(Awkward smile) …

— V


2. V in December 2015


— V


3. V in June 2016


— V


4. V in December 2016

Hi guys!

— V


5. V in June 2017

Hello, hello!

— V


6. V in October 2018


— V


7. V in June 2019

Hello everyone.

— V, June 2019


8. V in December 2019


— V


Looks like the 2010s treated V well. What a decade it has been for him and us both! We can’t wait for the next decade — and to watch V grow even more beautiful and successful.

Source: THEQOO