10+ Of BTS V’s Deleted Instagram Posts That Prove The Internet Is Forever

Photos, videos, and cherished memories.

Whenever BTS‘s uploads a new photo or video to his personal Instagram account, ARMYs rush to save it to their collections. V is notorious for deleting his own content, even stories that disappear automatically in 24 hours! Here are 10+ of them.


1. Superstar V

On April 11, while in Las Vegas for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, V posted several new stories, including this fan-made billboard.

2. This mystery man

While in Las Vegas, V briefly uploaded this story of Kim Young Jin, the stylist behind many of BTS’s most iconic fashion moments in recent years.

Kim Young Jin and V

Let’s go up.

— V’s caption

3. Matching the vibe

Last December, V posted a photo of himself cosplaying a Squid Game guard at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA. V later deleted the post and uploaded a story of the photo instead, captioned, “What’s the Instagram vibe?

4. V’s minor injury

While performing in Las Vegas, V cut his leg. He later updated fans about his injury in this series of now-deleted photos.

| @thv/Instagram


— V

| @thv/Instagram

seems like I was excited because it was the last day

— V

He also shared a snap of the pilot who wanted him to get a move on!

| @thv/Instagram

I’ll get on board quickly

— V

5. Time to swim!

V deleted this slow-motion diving video at the speed of light in Hawaii. He’s fast, but ARMY is faster!

6. An in-progress song

Every now and then, V shares snippets of the music he is working on behind the scenes. Fans fell in love with this clip faster than V could delete it.


V: It’s a song I’ve been working on.

V: Okay, I uploaded it~

7. Social butterfly

It’s no secret that V loves to spend his free time with friends, but it’s not too often that ARMY gets invited along to these outings. V shared these stories from his hangout with soloist Park Hyo Shin.

8. In the recording studio

V posted a video of himself listening to some music in the recording studio. At the time, fans wondered if V was creating music for a future release. Could it be his demo version of “Spring Day” for PROOF?

| @thv/ Instagram

9. Hawaiian vacation

After BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concerts, V took some time to go on vacation in Hawaii. He thanked fans for allowing him to vacation in peace by pretending not to recognize him, and he shared these snaps from his trip.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

10. Cuddles with his fluffy pup, Yeontan

*Googles “how to become a dog”*

| @thv/Instagram 

11. Good morning

Yes, he just woke up like this, and no, it’s not fair!

| @thv/Instagram 

The Internet Is Forever