7 BTS V Fan Edits That Predicted The Future By Becoming Reality

These fan edits are no longer fiction.

BTS‘s knows exactly what ARMY does in their spare time, and that includes fan edits! Here are 7 photo edits of V that came to life!

1. Blue hair

Not only did V see fans’ blue hair edits, like this one…

…they’re the reason why he dyed his hair blue!

2. Long hair with a bandana

This edit became reality…

…at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards.

3. Curly hair

This edit reimagines V’s naturally straight hair as bouncy curls.

V’s perm made it happen for real!

4. Long hair tucked behind his ear

This edit happened for real…

…when BTS performed “Pied Piper”.

5. Black shirt with hair pushed back from his forehead

V looks sophisticated and handsome in this fan edit…

…but the reality is even better!

6. Flower crown edits

Flower crown edits have been around since the dawn of Tumblr. Fans from many different fandoms love crowning their faves with flowers, and BTS is no exception.

Many BTS flower crown edits have come to life, thanks to fan signs!

7. Black hair

In 2018, there were so many black-haired BTS edits like this one that many fans didn’t believe a real photo, at first.

All the members, including V, dyed their hair black for their Love Yourself: Tear comeback.

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