Here’s What Type Of Friend Each BTS Member Is To V

Who’s his rival?

BTS‘s V described his relationship with each member during 2016 FESTA. From his rival to his food buddy, check out what name he assigned to each member below!

1. RM — “Partner Friend”

RM can’t go that long without seeing V, but that’s what makes him adorable.

It’s annoying that he comes to find me no matter what he does, but he’s a cute hyung that’s like a friend.

— V

2. Jin — “Ice Cream Friend”

V chose a very specific title for the eldest.

The hyung that looks for me when he eats ice cream!

— V

3. Suga — “Business”

According to V, Suga has two modes: When he’s hard at work and when he’s taking some well-earned relaxation time!

Business LOL. He’s very business when working, but at home he’s like the ahjussi next door.

— V

4. J-Hope — “Rival (Not really, a hit-and-be-hit relationship)”

J-Hope and V can’t stop playing together, but sometimes J-Hope is a little too aggressive for V!

I don’t want to be hit anymore.. *crying*

— V

5. Jimin — “Friend”

These best friends have one tiny misunderstanding.

We’re both born in 1995 but he thinks he’s above me because my birthday is later!

— V

6. Jungkook — “Lion and Bunny”

Don’t let Jungkook’s cute looks fool you — He can play aggressively, too!

Please save me… If I joke around with him, he picks me up and tosses me away *crying*

— V

Check out what Jungkook chose for each member below!

Here’s What Type Of Friend Each BTS Member Is To Jungkook

Source: Bangtan.Official/Facebook