3 Times BTS’s V And Jimin Exuded Peak BFF Energy And Fought For Hilarious Reasons

The two once fought because of a bunk bed! 🤣

BTS‘s Jimin and V are BFFs, and like all close friends, they’ve had some fights. Sometimes, they fought for hilarious reasons!

BTS’s Jimin (Left) & V (Right)

Here are 3 times V and Jimin fought for hilarious reasons.

1. Fighting because of a bunk bed

In BTS’s guest appearance in tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, Jimin shared that he was roommates with V and J-Hope in one of their old dorms. In their room, there was a bunk bed and a solo bed. Jimin and V let J-Hope use the solo bed since he’s the eldest. Jimin decided to use the top bunk for the bunk bed and felt that he was “sacrificing” for V.

After around 6 months of using the top bunk, Jimin told V that he wanted to switch bunks. V then told Jimin, “You chose the top bunk because you liked it more.”

After V said this, the two began fighting!

Jimin then explained that the air conditioner was right in front of his face on the top bunk and would constantly blast air in his face. After dealing with this for 6 months, Jimin wanted to switch bunks with V. When V said no, Jimin told V, “Are you crazy?

The two made up not long after and looking back, Jimin wonders why they fought over such a small matter. Jimin also later realized that they could have solved the issue by moving their bed away from the air conditioner!

2. The dumpling incident

In a live broadcast, V spoke about the “dumpling incident.” V shared that one day, he was heading to practice with a bag of dumplings. V took a bite out of one dumpling and realized that practice was about to start.

Jimin then told V that since practice would take some time, it would be better to eat the dumplings after practice. V was quite hungry and wanted to eat the dumplings immediately. This led to them fighting and not talking to each other!

V soon asked Jimin out for some drinks, and they talked things out. While talking, Jimin said he wanted to give V strength, which made V forget that he was mad at Jimin. V then thought to himself,  “How could I be mad at this angel?

3. Arguing over smaller things

In an interview, the members were asked who argues the most, and Jimin shared that he and V argue often.

It was then shared that Jimin and V always speak their minds to each other, which sometimes leads to arguments. When asked what they often argue about, they shared that they usually fight over small things, such as food and sleeping.

V added that they also tend to argue when practicing.

Jimin then shared that V often steals his food, which can lead to some fights. When asked why he does this, V shared that he can’t cook and often eats other people’s food!