BTS’s Jimin And V Once Revealed Some Of The Most Common Reasons They Fought

They often fought over small things!

BTS‘s Jimin and V have a heartwarming friendship, and they are the definition of BFFs!

BTS’s V (Left) & Jimin (Right)

The two have also had some fights over the years, and they once revealed some of the most common reasons they fought!

In an interview, BTS was asked which members argue the most.

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube

Jimin shared that he argues with V often!

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube

Since Jimin and V are such close friends, they speak their minds to each other, which sometimes can lead to arguments.

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube

When asked what V and Jimin argue about, they shared that they often fight over small things, like food and sleeping.

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube

V then shared that they also tend to argue when practicing.

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube

Jimin added that they also fight when V steals his food. When asked why he does this, V shared that since he can’t cook, he tends to eat a lot by stealing people’s food!

| A.R.M.Y. Base Subs/YouTube   

Here’s the full video below!


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