Here Are The BTS Members’ Adorable Reactions To V’s New Hair

They’re saying what we’re saying!

BTS V‘s new curly hairstyle, which earned him the cutest new nickname, is generating quite the buzz amongst fans… And amongst his members as well!

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His members had the cutest reactions to his hair, both during their celebratory live broadcast and press conference for their latest English-language single, “Butter.”


RM kept referencing various other people with the same hair as V! First it was Bob Ross, the American painter.

Then it was Dustin from the television series Stranger Things!


Jin gave fans what they wanted!

He then revealed that V’s hair is one of the biggest conversation topics between them–much like it is between the fans.


Suga said what we were all thinking!

He really enjoyed playing around with it during the press conference.


J-Hope showed off his English skills to compliment V!


Just like Suga, maknae Jungkook couldn’t help but play with V’s hair as well.

Not only that, he amused himself by sticking plastic forks in it, too!


While this isn’t his reaction to V’s hair directly, he saw Jungkook putting the forks in his hair and he had to do the same! How cute!

And of course, all of them together!

The 6 members couldn’t keep their hands off his adorable new ‘do!

Nor could they stop themselves from showering him with compliments.

Jin: “We keep saying [V’s hair] is cute.”

MC:  “Ah, I really wanted to say that.”

Suga: [grabbing his fluffy hair] “Isn’t it like a poodle? We keep saying that.”

V: “Nowadays I’m in charge of cuteness among the members so I thought, ‘Shouldn’t I do this hairstyle?'”

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