10 Reasons Why BTS’s V Is Absolute Boyfriend Material

He’s the total package. Here’s why.

In addition to being a phenomenal singer, dancer, and artist, BTS‘s is a wonderful person. Here are 10 reasons why he is absolute “boyfriend material”!


1. He gives his whole heart to the ones he loves

V has a heart of gold and he gives it freely to the people in his life, including his family, BTS members, staff, friends, and fans.


2. He goes above and beyond to tell people how much he cares about them, in his own unique way.


3. V also shows people how much he cares through his actions

If actions speak louder than words, V’s are at the highest decibel. V shows his members that he cares by taking care of them in small but meaningful ways, like looking after their health.


4. He makes time for his loved ones, no matter how busy he is

In his free time, V catches up with his “wooga” squad. He met up with them on his vacation, but he also makes time to hang out throughout the year, during his busy work schedule.


V also hangs out with fans on Weverse and during live broadcasts, not because he’s obligated to, but because he wants to.


5. He can never get enough hugs


6. He is compassionate and kind

V is someone who feels things deeply, and he doesn’t see kindness as a weakness. When a fan reached out on Weverse to find a blood donor for their grandfather, V used his platform to help.


V is also kind and compassionate toward animals, especially Yeontan!


7. He loves children and wants to have his own someday


8. He cherishes the gifts people give him

V has been known to hold on to presents given to him by fans for years.


When Jimin gave V two bear figurines to show him how much he loves V’s single, “Winter Bear”, V used them to create this meaningful cover art for it.


9. He stands by his loved ones, no matter what challenges life throws their way

BTS have been through a lot in the last seven years, especially in their rookie days, but V has stayed with his members through thick and thin. He’s not one to give up easily on the important things, and people, in his life.


10. He’s just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside

“Mr. Lindo” is the complete package, mind, body, and soul!