BTS’s V Is The King Of Glamorous Rings — Here Are 6 Moments To Prove It

Nobody can slay #4 like he can!

BTS’s V is a total fashionista when it comes to accessories. However, rings are one of his personal favorites. From the stage to editorial photos, V is constantly rocking something bold. Check out 6 of his favorite ring styles below!

1. White Flower

During “Boy With Luv” era, V chose a daring accessory.

The stunning ring takes up most of his hand…

…but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his beauty!

2. Turquoise Stone

This large ring contrasted beautifully with V’s bright hair.


It’s even more noticeable as his hands dance over the piano keys.

3. Eclectic Gems

Sometimes, V chooses to stack a variety of colorful stones to create a layered look.

As he performs, the rings give him a flashy appearance.

4. Colorful Flowers

V loves all kinds of flower rings, from daring red…


…to rainbow and colorful.

5. Indigo Stone

Another look that began in “Boy With Luv” era was V’s large blue-purple ring on his index finger.

It added a fancy look to his otherwise normal suit.

He also slayed with the ring during his solo stages for “Singularity.”


Additionally, V has been known to try daring accessories at award shows, such as this look from 2018 BBMA.

6. Classic and Simple

When rings aren’t the main focus of his look, V will opt for a subtle look of thin, simple rings.

He lets his visuals steal the attention!

V can rock other types of jewelry just as well. Check out all the times he proved he can own any look in dangling earrings below!

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Source: TheQoo


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