10+ Of The Sassiest Things V Has Ever Said And Done To BTS

Sometimes V is so savage, he can even give Suga a run for his money.

BTS‘s V is one of the kindest people on the planet, but he can also be sassy AF when he wants to be…and, oh, he wants to be!


1. That time he told Jin to, “Stop talking. Dead skin cells are coming out of your mouth.”


2. When he stole RM’s watermelon


3. When he shoved Jimin over on stage


4. When he brought up Suga’s audition tape out of nowhere


5. When he asked J-Hope “Do you still want my respect?” after J-Hope told a lame joke


6. Jimin asked V what was more important to him: Jimin or food. V said, “why would you be important?”


7. When he said he’d rather cut off his ring finger than accept Suga’s proposal


8. When he told Jimin, “They’re not looking at you.”


9. When he taught this actress to say “Jimin is stupid” on  American Hustle Life 


10. When he couldn’t think of any compliments for RM


11. When he used this fan’s compliment as a way to insult Jimin


12. When he slapped “Suga” out of Jin’s hand


13. When he squeezed Jungkook’s hand…then instantly regretted it


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