4 Times BTS “Spilled The Tea” On V

Jin was once showering, and he received a “surprise” from V!

The BTS members know each other like family, and they are never afraid to jokingly “spill the tea” on each other!


Here are 4 moments where the members “spilled the tea” on V!


1. V surprising Jin when he was showering

At a fan meeting, Jin was asked to share a memorable episode from their dorm. Jin shared that V once started knocking on the door when he was showering and told him that it was an “urgent” situation.

Jin opened the door, and V told him that they should shower together! When asked if they actually showered together, Jin said that they did!

2. V’s habit when Jungkook exercises

Jungkook is known for his muscular physique, and Jimin once revealed that Jungkook often works out shirtless in their practice room. When this happens, V will come and stand right next to Jungkook!

After Jimin shared this, V got a bit shy and got teased by the members.

3. V’s “gifts”

BFFs Jimin and V often hilariously argue, and Jimin once “complained” about how V always leaves “trash” in his room!

V “defended” himself and said he was actually giving “expensive gifts” to Jimin!

The two “argued” for a bit and were stopped by RM.

4. V stealing the members’ food

In an interview, Jimin shared that he and V often argue.

Since V and Jimin are best friends, they often speak their minds to each other, which sometimes leads to arguments. When asked what they often argue about, they shared that it’s usually over small things like food and sleeping.

Jimin then shared that V often steals his food, which can lead to arguments. When asked why he does this, V hilariously shared that it’s because he can’t cook!