10 Times BTS’s V Turned The Airport Into A Runway With His Chic Fashion

#3 is legendary for ARMYs!

BTS‘s V has his own unique sense of fashion that mixes elegance, class, and a little bit of his signature quirkiness. Check out 10 times he gave us major fashion inspiration at the airport!

1. Fall Vibes

The combination of his beige pea coat jacket and tousled hair is a classic look that’s perfect for the cold weather.

2. Patterned Shirt

He went for a professional yet trendy vibe in a Louis Vuitton shirt.

3. Preppy Style

From his structured bag to his tie and sweater vest combo, what’s not to love about this look?!


4. Cozy Cardigan

V shows his unique taste through his fringe CHANEL bag and cozy cardigan.

5. Classic Taehyung

His GUCCI slides and bowling bag are the ultimate pieces that scream “V!”

6. Solid Black

He made sure every accessory, from his face mask to his beret, was completely black for this chic look.

7. Classic Style

V went for the look of a young professional in his tailored pants and shirt-and-tie combo.

8. Beret and Stripes

V often looks to European fashion for inspiration which shows through many of his fashion choices like his beret.

9. GUCCI Style

Around the time V became known for his love for GUCCI, he rocked a professional look in this cool button-up.

10. Boyfriend Material

V went for the quintessential autumn and winter look with this white peacoat and cozy turtleneck.