Here Are 15 Of BTS V’s Hottest Moments That Made ARMY Go Crazy

Nobody will ever forget #3. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

BTS‘s V knows exactly what to do to make ARMY lose their minds! Check out some of his hottest moments below that made everyone fall for him instantly.

1. Actor V getting into character

2. Acting cool and pushing back his hair

3. This iconic moment that drove everyone crazy

4. Looking at his handsome reflection in the mirror

5. His charismatic expressions on the red carpet

6. The wink that stopped the world

7. Playing with ARMY’s hearts during a livestream

8. His stunning eyes and piercing gaze

9. Every time he sticks his tongue out

10. His powerful hip thrust during “Dimple”

11. His heavy breathing ending fairy moment from “Dionysus”

12. This clip that left every ARMY shook

13. His shirtless Instagram videos

14. When he got on the table during “Starry Night”

15. When he casually did this backstage


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