12 Moments Of BTS’s V That Still Don’t Feel Real

We still can’t forgive him for #3. 🤣

These iconic moments from BTS‘s V weren’t a figment of our imagination — They all really happened! Check out some of the funniest and strangest moments below that we still haven’t completely processed.

1. His reaction to when he dressed like a Spongebob character by mistake

2. When he did this viral dance on stage

3. When he promised a photo in a towel and uploaded this

4. When he almost took off his pants during a livestream

5. When he accidentally became a meme in Diplo’s Snapchat at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

6. When he zipped his pants during a radio show and realized it was also being filmed

7. When he actually made himself shed tears to get food from J-Hope

8. When he went online as a V hater and talked to ARMY

9. When he sang these questionable lyrics during a livestream

10. That time Jimin and V chose to celebrate the release of J-Hope’s song “1 Verse” like this

11. Every time V moves his hips like this

12. When he hilariously commanded this guy to close the door in English


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