BTS’s V Looks Flawless, Even In These 10 Unedited Phone Camera Pictures

His visuals are out of this world in #2!

Known for his stunning good looks, BTS‘s V always takes a good photo. Recently, he attended the Dream movie premiere to support Park Seo Joon and soloist IU along with fellow BTS member Jungkook. Not only did he look stunning in unedited journalist photos, he also proved his visual power after looking better than ever in fantaken photos and videos from a phone camera! Check out some of the best photos below.

1. This fan is so lucky!

Imagine him looking at you like this.

| @buuinng/Twitter

2. His profile is something many people can only dream of having.

He’s truly blessed.

| V.oung

3. We love seeing that big smile!

He had so much fun at the premiere.

| inhibtae_kth1

4. Even in motion, his good looks can’t be defeated.

It’s a low quality photo of a high quality man.

5. He looks like a doll IRL.

Have you ever been this close to V?

| moon_kv

6. You can see how big his eyes are, even from far away.

He was born to be a celebrity.

7. His round cheeks are so precious!

V is both cute and handsome at the same time.

| @btspurplecloud_/Twitter

8. This screenshot shows what he really looks like.

How is it possible to look this good in a phone video?!

9. Everyone covets his sharp features.

His beauty knows no bounds.

| @buuinng/Twitter

10. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable!

V is the best when he’s having fun with fans.

| @V_of_me/Twitter
Source: Nate Pann


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