15 Unedited Photos Showing What BTS’s V Actually Looks Like IRL

#6 shows how tall he really is.

BTS‘s V is a true visual and looks gorgeous without any editing. Check out some unedited fantaken photos of him below!

1. Lucky ARMY came face-to-face with him during BTS’s “Yet to Come” in Busan concert.

2. V during Paris Fashion Week was a dream.

3. Not an ounce of editing needed!

4. He looks like a true angel on stage.

5. Imagine being this close to him during a show!

6. He’s very tall in person.

7. He’s naturally gorgeous.

8. He’s absolutely stunning in white from head to toe.

9. These days were legendary.

10. V is for visual!

11. He gives off model vibes.

12. He can make ARMY shy just by walking towards them.

13. These photos speak for themselves.

14. Headband V is on another level.

15. We can never get over his blue hair.

Check out more below.

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