10 Times BTS V’s Dog Yeontan Was Luckier Than Us

#3 is the dream life!

BTS‘s V loves his adorable dog Yeontan with all of his heart and enjoys sharing his tender moments with the pup for ARMYs to see. Check out 10 sweet moments between Yeontan and the BTS members that made us realize he’s living the good life!

1. V showing off Yeontan’s tricks for the camera

First up? Kisses, of course!

Also, squishiness — and lots of it!

2. The cutest play time ever

Yeontan is certainly spoiled with love from his dad!

3. Hanging out with BTS wherever, whenever

Whether the members are backstage…

…or taking a filming break…

…he’s always there!

4. Interrupting meetings at his leisure

Make way!

5. Adventures in the city with his dad

Is this a scene out of a K-Drama?

6. Going full “lion” mode

Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

7. Photoshoots together

Who needs props when you have a pup?

8. Protecting his owner

Small puppy with a big heart!

9. He’s got places to be

Kim Yeontan lives a busy life.

10. Sneaking kisses

Don’t worry, Yeontan, we won’t tell V!