8 Times BTS’s V Wore A Simple White Shirt And Still Looked Like A Million Bucks

#6 is so effortlessly hot.

BTS‘s V looks incredible no matter what he’s wearing, but there’s something about a simple white shirt that makes him even more irresistible! He is living proof that an outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to look amazing, not to mention expensive.

On that note, check out 8 glorious times he wore a white shirt below.

1. This smile

When V wears a simple shirt like this one, his radiant smile is even more noticeable and endearing!

2. This cap

He paired this tee with a black cap that made the look even more interesting.

3. This blazer

This CELINE shirt is clearly one of his favorites because he has reworn it over and over again. This time, he paired it with a brown blazer, making him appear office-ready.

4. These frills

The frills on this shirt may have transported him to an era from long ago, but he still looks incredible in it!

5. These glasses

There’s something about glasses that effortlessly elevates V’s entire look.

| @p1epa/Twitter

6. This layering

Here, he layered a button down shirt on top of his tee, giving off a more casual vibe.

7. This denim jacket

Speaking of layering, V also pairs a white t-shirt with a light-wash denim jacket.

8. This hair color

Last but not the least, V’s vibrant blue hair color is a stark contrast to his simple shirt, but together, they’re perfection.

Speaking of shirts, V is the type of person who reuses them often if he’s fond of them. See one of his favorite ones below.

BTS’s V Loves One Specific Shirt So Much, He Keeps Reusing It


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