10+ Weird Jimin Facts That Only ARMYs Know About

Only diehard Jimin fans know these facts.

Many basic Jimin facts can be found online and in magazines, but nobody knows him quite like BTS fans do. Here are 10+ weird Jimin facts that only ARMYs know!


1. Chairs are his greatest enemy


2. He hits his members when he gets embarrassed…


3. …and covers his (beautiful) face like this


4. His pout is his secret weapon, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it


5. His clumsiness knows absolutely no limits

6. When he laughs he either falls, falling into someone, or disappears like Houdini…


7. He also squeaks

8. Speaking of disappearances, this is what happens to his eyes when he laughs


9. His nose scrunch is so cute, it’s deadly

Have mercy on ARMYs’ poor hearts!


10. He has a habit of licking his lips like this


11. The only way to get him to stop brushing back his hair would be to cut off his hands…

…and nobody wants that!


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