BTS’s 30 Most Comforting, Positive Weverse Comments To Heal Your Heart And Take Away Your Stress

Everyone should hear #6! 💜

The members of BTS always take time to give ARMY thoughtful advice and words of comfort. Check out some of their sweetest Weverse comments to fans below that will immediately make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

1. J-Hope will always provide a safe space for ARMY.

2. Jimin owes everything to those who love and support him.

3. Jungkook wants you to be careful and take care of your health.

4. RM’s bold choice is inspiring.

5. Suga’s reassuring words are all some fans want to hear!

6. Jin loves to see ARMY getting inspired by BTS’s messages of self-love.

7. V encourages ARMY to vent to him so they don’t have to keep it inside.

8. Jimin’s life = ARMY!

9. Even if you don’t speak the same language as Jin, you can still laugh together.

10. V gains strength when he’s tired after talking to ARMY.

11. Regardless of language and country, J-Hope feels ARMY’s love.

12. Here are words of advice from RM if you’re experiencing a hard time.

13. If you ever see a purple sky, think of BTS!

14. Jungkook wishes fans from around the world a good day.

15. We lift each other up.

16. It’s okay to not solve every problem, according to RM.

17. Never forget these sweet words from Suga when chasing your dream.

18. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Jungkook is cheering for you.

19. J-Hope is always thankful to ARMY for the love and support.

20. If you’re trying something new, like learning a language, Jin is cheering for you.

21. Jimin feels renewed from ARMY’s kind words and cheers for him.

22. We always look up at the same moon.

23. When something bad happens, expect something good to happen next!

24. That must be a lot!

25. Remember these wise words from RM.

26. Jimin is always missing ARMY.

27. Jungkook is full of gratitude for ARMY’s love.

28. Remember to look for V’s purple balloon in your dream.

29. Never forget Jin’s adorable new word!

30. Read this every day!


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