10+ Of The Funniest BTS At The White House Memes

It’s the borahaefication of The White House!

On May 31, BTS made a historic visit to The White House in Washington D.C, the U.S. capital, to celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and speak on the importance of Asian inclusion, diversity, and anti-Asian hate crimes, at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s press briefing and in a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden. 

While the group discussed serious topics, the good-natured group still had many fun moments during the visit. In fact, there’s been even unexpectantly chaotic moments and hilarious ARMY reactions. Now, ARMYs have dropped their meme edits. And one original meme even became a reality.

So, here are 10+ of the funniest BTS at The White House memes…

1. Bam came to support his dad and uncles.

2. Yeontan was there too!

3. He’s a really good lawyer.

4. The anti-Instagram maknae line

5. Did BTS delete Twitter?

6. Heroes

7. What BTS saw from the podium

8. J-Hope is always being J-Hope no matter where he is!

9. GOT7’s Jackson Wang is truly everywhere!

It ain’t a party without him.

10. BTS in the House!

11. Bang Si Hyuk lookin’ good.

12. The borahaefication of The White House

Check out ARMY reactions below:

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