BTS’s “YOUTH” K-Drama: 9 Clues You Might Have Missed In The First Teaser Trailer

Will they get a happy ending this time?

For years, ARMYs have been waiting to dive back into the BTS Universe. Now the wait is finally coming to an end!

Clockwise from bottom left: BTS’s Jimin, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, and V. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

From May 13 to 15, Korea Expo–an event celebrating the 60th anniversary of Korea-EU diplomatic relations–took place in Paris, France. Here attendees were given a sneak peek at the first teaser for YOUTH, a K-Drama based on the fictional lives BTS’s characters live in the BTS Universe.

Jeon Jin Seo plays Jungkook’s character in “YOUTH”
BTS’s Jungkook

YOUTH (originally titled Blue Sky) was announced four years ago, in August 2019. Between delays caused by COVID-19 restrictions and renaming charactersYOUTH‘s original 2020 release was postponed. Until now, updates about the K-Drama have been scarce.

“SAVE ME” webtoon

YOUTH‘s first teaser reimagines scenes from BTS’s music videos while blending them into a new storyline. Here are 9 references to BTS’s past works that hint at what YOUTH has in store for us!

1. The carousel

YOUTH‘s teaser begins at an amusement park on a snowy night, focusing on this carousel.

J-Hope‘s character was abandoned by his mother at a carousel. This traumatic moment is referenced in several music videos, including the LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel and “FAKE LOVE” MV.


2. “Spring Day”

The idea of a spring day, a time of happiness and rebirth following a harsh winter, is an important motif in the BTS Universe. This scene could be referencing BTS’s “Spring Day” MV…

…where lays his head down on snowy train tracks. The lyrics for “Spring Day” are full of longing and the desire to reunite with a distant friend.


The YOUTH trailer expresses the same feeling on behalf of this group of friends that does not want to be separated.

I wish we could be together. I don’t want any of the seven missing.

— YOUTH teaser

3. The sea

YOUTH‘s teaser contrasts the characters’ happy memories–from a time when they were together and carefree–and sad ones. In this scene, the cast runs into the sea…

…while wearing bright colors that might remind some viewers of BTS’s “Euphoria” MV.


In the BTS Universe, the sea is an escape from a harsh life in the city: a place where BTS can be free. It appears in several music videos, including “I NEED U” MV.



Though we can’t be certain who or what this character is looking at, it’s clear that he’s on the outside looking in.

The scene is reminiscent of this one in the “FAKE LOVE” MV, where Jungkook peers down at Jimin through a grate, both of them feeling helpless and trapped in their own ways.


There are also several scenes in BTS’s music videos where time traveler Jin gazes out windows as if he’s looking back at the past.


5. Jimin’s tub scene

Jimin is often associated with water in the BTS Universe, as seen in “FAKE LOVE” MV…


…and “I NEED U” MV.


This YOUTH scene directly references Jimin’s bathtub scene.

6. Spray paint

Spray paint is an important background detail in BTS’s music videos, often containing Easter eggs or hidden messages that give insight into the characters’ inner thoughts. The most famous example is an ambigram that says, “I’m Fine” and “Save Me.”


A spray-painted window can be seen in the background during this emotional scene.

7. The phone booth

The phone booth, seen in BTS’s WINGS short film, REFLECTION, is connected to RM‘s storyline. This scene suggests that RM desperately wants to answer the phone, but he is prevented from connecting with the caller by circumstances outside of his control.


A similar phone booth can briefly be seen in the YOUTH teaser. The caller drops the phone as snow falls around him.

8. Bonfire

In “I NEED U” MV, BTS happily gathers by a bonfire. This happy moment is crosscut with shocking moments, such as V’s character murdering his abusive father.


A bonfire also appears in the YOUTH teaser.

9. The observatory

One of the BTS Universe’s most memorable locations–the observatory Jin and both climbed–appears near the end of the teaser.

For more, watch the teaser below, or check out YOUTH‘s cast here.


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