BTS Universe Drama “YOUTH” Reveals The 7 Rookie Actors Who Will Play The BTS Members

Which actor matches their BTS member the best?

The upcoming drama based on the BTS Universe has confirmed the 7 rookie actors who will each play one of the BTS members in the drama.

The drama based on the BTS Universe, now titled YOUTH, is produced by Kim Jae Hong, who previously worked on Your Neighbor’s Wife and Steal Heart. The drama will be written by Kim Soo Jin, who previously worked on The Light in Your Eyes and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo. YOUTH will showcase the growth of seven boys who were originally in a precarious situation, turning into precious people through sympathy and their own personal secrets.

The part that most ARMY were looking forward to though, was who would be part of the cast? Well now there’s no need to wait or speculate anymore, as the entire main cast, as well as which BTS member they will represent, has been revealed. In addition, the drama confirmed the name change from its original name, Blue Sky.

First, Seo Ji Hoon will play the role of Jin, a boy trapped in the shadows of his father, who works at the National Assembly. While he has perfect visuals, he has a hard time expressing his emotions. He has had to live with his father’s plan for him, not with what he wants to do. Seo Ji Hoon has made himself known through previous works such as Men are MenWelcomeFlower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, and School 2017.

Suga will be played by No Jong Hyun. In YOUTH, Suga is a boy who has a terrible, bloody rumor always following him — rumor has it that he killed his mother and set his own house on fire, but he is actually just a boy who looks cold on the outside, but warm on the inside. His old piano is his only escape from the world, as his mother meant everything to him. His wounds heal when he meets Jungkook. No Jong Hyun has appeared in Kkondae InternLife on Mars, and Because This Is My First Life.

Ahn Ji Ho will play the role of J-Hope, a dancing machine with a positive attitude, but has been left alone by the world. He was abandoned at an amusement park as a child, but still carries a brighter aura and personality than anyone else. Ahn Ji Ho has appeared in many movies, including Inseparable Bros and The House of Us as well as drama Nobody Knows.

Seo Young Ju will play the role of RM, a boy whose dream was just to live an ordinary life. He is tough, becoming an adult earlier than others by learning the harsh realities of what life can throw at you. He is responsible, and has had many part time jobs, but still is first place at what he does.

Kim Yoon Woo will play the role of Jimin, the boy who is hiding an unspeakable secret behind his bright smile. His family’s overprotection of him and lies during his youth have left him with some trauma, confusing him about his real identity.

Jung Woo Jin will play the role of V, a boy full of wounds as he lives with his father, who is a drunkard. Yet V always had the innocence and hope that his mother, who ran away, causing his father’s change, would someday come back home.

Finally, Jeon Jin Seo will play the role of Jungkook, a boy curious about the reason why he exists. He doesn’t feel happiness amongst the instability of his family, and feels indifferent to both life and death. Jeon Jin Seo may be the most well-known of all the actors, as he played the role of Lee Joon Young in 2020 hit drama The World of the Married.

The production team behind the drama shared their ideas on the cast, and what viewers should look forward to.

This is a work that captures the reality of seven boys in a real but pleasant way, but it also shows complexity with the psychology. Being able to understand the characters, having the acting skills, and having chemistry between the different characters was the most important thing for us.

We completed a lineup of young actors and rookies with fresh visuals that will maximize the charms of each individual character. Please look forward to that synergy.

— YOUTH Production team

YOUTH is set to air in 2021.

Source: Star News


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