The Cast Of “Business Proposal” Pick Their Favorite Lines From The K-Drama, And They’re All Iconic

“I’ll make sure that you never forget.” 🔥

Netflix‘s Business Proposal recently ended after twelve episodes, and each character had specific scenes throughout the show that made their mark among the viewers and actors alike.

While playing Jenga with YouTube channel The Swoon, Seol In Ah, Kim Min Gue, and Kim Se Jeong (also known as Kim Sejeong) revealed the lines that were the most memorable in their eyes.

Check them out below!

1. Seol In Ah – Jin Young Seo

First up, Seol In Ah, the actress who plays chaebol Jin Young Seo, knew what to say right away. She picked the scene where she drunkenly told secretary Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Gue) that she fell for him at first sight.

If you don’t, I’m really going to cross the line.

— Young Seo

In this scene, Sung Hoon stopped her in the street as he was worried about her walking alone drunk. Young Seo responded with an abrupt confession.

To be honest, I fell for you the minute I laid eyes on you at the convenience store. But you were President Kang’s secretary and you drew a line and told me not to cross it…not to mention making a fool out of myself in front of you.

— Young Seo

After Sung Hoon caught her from stumbling forward, she decided then and there to think with her heart and not her head.

I’m going to count to three so let go. If you don’t, I’m really going to cross the line.

— Young Seo

Fortunately, he reciprocated her feelings!

2. Kim Min Gue – Cha Sung Hoon

Kim Min Gue also picked a line from a romance scene with Seol In Ah. In fact, he chose the one that is arguably the most loved among fans of the show.

I’ll make sure that you never forget.

— Sung Hoon

This was said after Young Seo admitted she did not remember their steamy night together. Rather than being upset, Cha Sung Hoon found it cute that she hated how “unfair” it was to forget what she did with someone she “likes so much.”

I don’t remember anything…I was so flustered, that’s why I left after saying it didn’t count. I know how crazy I must sound right now, but it’s unfair for me too. How can I like you so much and not remember anything that happened?

— Young Seo

He promised to redo everything…but even better.

3. Kim Se Jeong – Shin Ha Ri

Finally, Kim Se Jeong (Shin Ha Ri) named her confession scene as the most memorable.

From now on, I’m not going to care what other people think and just think about the two of us.

— Kim Se Jeong

She noted that it was a turning point for Ha Ri who used to deny her feelings for Tae Mu due to her own insecurities.

Ha Ri reveals her feelings for Tae Mu for the first time. She was talking from the bottom of her heart for the first time.

— Kim Se Jeong

After she found out that Tae Mu was invited to a blind date, Ha Ri decided to confess to him.

They ended the scene with a sweet kiss and began dating right after.

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