10 Comments From Korean ARMYs On BTS Jimin’s Legendary 100M Views Fancam For “FAKE LOVE”

Can you relate to these K-Diamonds?

Although we are very much partial to BTS Jimin‘s fancam for “Perfect Man” (that jacket throw!), one of Jimin’s highest viewed fancams is this little number here.

His solo fancam for “FAKE LOVE” hit over 100 million views recently, making it a must-watch for any Jimin stan. While we definitely relate to the comments by I-Lovelies on a spiritual level, the comments left by Korean netizens, be it from K-Diamonds or not, are a whole other ball game. Check out out 10 of the top Korean comments below.

1. We wholeheartedly agree

This comment hits the nail on the spot when they declare, “I’ve never seen Park Jimin perform half-heartedly before, not even once. He does not spare his body and puts the very strength of his soul into every performance and because it is obvious to the eye…That’s one of the reasons why Park Jimin has so many core fans.

2. Learn from the best

Perhaps ARMYs can take something away from fangirling on their favorite idol. If your mom nags you for watching too much BTS, just tell her this!

Whenever I watch Jimin’s fancams, I always think that I need to live a hardworking life.”

— absinthe sisyphe

3. He’s a great motivator

I saw someone say that Jimin oppa studies well and is good at modern dance (he was the valedictorian for Busan Arts High in modern dance), such that his teachers for modern dance was raging to stop him when he said he wanted to be an idol. When I saw that comment I thought for the first time ever, that I wanted to study hard… Jimin oppa‘s fancam is the first idol fancam to make me feel like I have to study hard.

— Genie Jin Kim

4. We feel you, boy

Although this fan seems to be a Suga stan from her username, she did not hesitate to praise Jimin with, “I feel like it is such a relief and that it is so precious I live in the same generation as him… I am thankful that he became a singer and I love you. 50 years later, when I become an ahjussi, I will let you know again objectively, just what kind of existence BTS was to me. Until then, let’s be together, I promise.

— Min Yoongi Min Yoongi

5. He’s perfect already

It’s so scary that this sort of person is still continuing to work hard… Jimin-ssi… Just how perfect are you trying to be…

— Kim So Yoon

6. We’re sad God only gave us one pair of eyes…

…because we’d be able to watch more fancams otherwise!

I watched Jimin’s dance totally absorbed… I can’t express it but my eyes just couldn’t leave him…

— JT

7. Philosophical, but true

*strokes beard*

This video is one that makes me realize why I fell for the idol, Park Jimin, before I fell for the human, Park Jimin. This is perfect.

— Kang Yangi

8. An entire love letter

Wow, how is he able to shoot a movie entirely on his own? His focus is no joke. His emotions, really. His expressions and his dance line, well, it speaks for itself. While watching it, I felt like I was in a painful love. The details and movement in every of his fingertips are also no joke. It makes me keep on watching the fancam.

— Bitna

9. Convincing

This is the legendary fancam that is able to convince those that clicked in simply because they were surprised with the 100 million views.


10. Last but not least…

… we totally agree with this one!

Jimin’s magical dance form that makes people keep coming back to look for this.

— Seyoung Chicken

What are you waiting for? It’s time to stream this legendary fancam once again!