5 Covers From Badass Women That Will Make You Scream “YASSSS!”

Every time we re-watch #3, we get chills.

These tough girl groups and fierce women did edgy covers of hit songs from BTS to Ariana Grande, and they were totally badass!

1. BANG BANG (Produce 101)

Produce 101‘s iconic “The Dance Avengers” team did a powerful rendition of Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj’s “BANG BANG” and the results were epic.

Somi performed as the group’s center, wowing the crowd with her strong dance moves.

Though anticipated to be great, the group blew away the expectations of the crowd.

2. Fake Love ((G)I-DLE)

(G)IDLE performed a cover of BTS’ “Fake Love” that had a softer sound, but was still fierce.

Soyeon killed the performance, her luscious locks accentuating her crisp dancing.

These girls put a unique spin on this song in their denim ensembles, and we loved it!

3. Crazy (UNI+G)

Perhaps one of the first stages that comes to mind when thinking of powerful and edgy covers is UNI+G‘s Team Blue performing “Crazy” by 4Minute.

Hyosun was the epitome of the “Girl Crush” concept with her snarling expressions and smoky eyes.

From flips and splits to badass dance moves, these girls will give you goosebumps.

4. BANG BANG BANG (Dreamcatcher)

Dreamcatcher pulled off a killer performance of Big Bang’s “BANG BANG BANG.”

Leather jackets and deep voices, oh my!

Watch the girls fill the stage below at Jeju’s Hallyu Festival in 2018.

5. Boygroup Medley (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO was tough and edgy in their Medley performance in front of the artists they were covering.

Their white outfits are chic yet tough, which is exactly how we would describe the girls of MAMAMOO themselves.