7 Of “Crash Course In Romance” Roh Yoon Seo’s Casual Fashion Moments To Inspire Your Wardrobe

6 out of 7 are from her pre-debut days.

Roh Yoon Seo is currently one of the hottest rising actresses in South Korea. She had two back-to-back roles in hit K-Dramas. She played the teen mom, Young Joo, in Our Blues, and the smart and righteous Hae Yi in Crash Course In Romance. While she wore uniforms for the majority of her screen time in both roles, fans have grown increasingly interested in her off-duty fashion. Here are seven looks that she rocked off the screen.

1. Cropped top and cargoes

Her style leans towards street and casual, with a touch of feminity. The puffed sleeves give the look a girly edge.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

2. The sunbae of our dreams

This photo was taken on her university campus at Ewha Women’s. She oozes cool and calm in the leather blazer and jeans.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

3. Preppy casual

The collared shirt inside the sweatshirt gives it a preppy twist.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

4. Clean cut

The simple collared shirt complements her natural beauty.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

5. White tee and jeans

Simple is truly best!

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

6. Semi-formal

Seems like she favored these collared blouses for awhile before her debut!

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

7. Stripes

The only post-debut photo on this list, the combination of high-waisted slacks and a striped tee perfectly highlights her small frame.

| @rohyoonseo/Instagram

Sadly for fans, Roh Yoon Seo mostly posts photographs from the set now, so we might not get another off-duty OOTD any time soon!

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