Here Are 5+ Unbelievably Creative Outfits And Accessories Inspired By McDonald’s BTS Meal

You’ll look like a whole BTS Meal!

McDonald’s and BTS‘s collaboration, “The BTS Meal,” has been one of the most talked-about events of this year. What else could we expect when the biggest fast-food chain and the biggest boy band come together?

The collaboration has gone even beyond food, and they have released a variety of merchandise, everything from keychains to shirts. They have also inspired others to create their own merchandise and souvenirs, many even upcycling their BTS Meal packaging and creating unique items like phone cases and reusable cups.

Recently, there has been an increase of ARMYs also designing their own McDonalds x BTS merchandise, specifically outfits!

Here are 5+ of the most creative BTS Meal-inspired designs…

1. Crop-top and skirt

Babydolls Couture has made a McDonald’s BTS Meal-inspired two-piece set of a crop-top and skirt for babies.

They also have a version for toddlers!

2. “I’m Lovin’ It” casualwear

Daily With Cipi has released hoodies and T-shirts in the iconic purple with McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it.”

When The BTS Meal was first announced, @jhwmin on Twitter had created a similar design among other merchandise that we all hoped would become a reality.

3. Dress

A young ARMY’s grandmother upcycled their BTS Meal packaging into a beautiful dress that is runway-ready!

| Stef Pal/Facebook

She even accessorized with a matching purse!

| Stef Pal/Facebook

Jerkooo Santos also shared an amazing design for a dress inspired by The BTS Meal on Twitter, and we need someone to make this a real thing right now.

| @JerkoooSantos/Twitter

4. Lingerie

We don’t endorse wearing grease-stained lingerie, but we can certainly call this design “creative.”

| BigHit’s meme archive/Facebook

5. Shoes

To complete your look from head to toe, there are also shoes! Singaporean artist Josiah Chua blew us away when he decided to repurpose The BTS Meal packaging into sneakers that seriously look phenomenal.

| @josiahchua/Instagram

6. Accessories

Of course, no outfit is complete anymore without a face mask! Etsy shop crafthousela designed two McDonald’s x BTS face masks, one in purple and one in pink.

| crafthousela/Etsy

If you thought The BTS Meal bags were kind of cute, you’re not alone! Etsy shop shopxsinn has recycled the bags into a crossbody bag, and it’s covered in clear vinyl. There’s even an adorable inner BT21 pocket!

| shopxsinn/Etsy
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