The 10+ Former And Current Cube Entertainment Trainees On “Boys Planet”

They missed out on many gems.

Boys Planet started with a total of 95 participants on the show. It comes as no surprise that there would be more than one trainee from each agency. During application periods, over 229 agencies applied to send their trainees in.

Netizens have found that Cube Entertainment unexpectedly has many hidden gems. Including former trainees, they have 11 trainees with ties to them on the show. Read on to find out more.

1. Hui

Pentagon‘s Hui is the most famous Cube Entertainment “trainee.” Many don’t count him as such due to his debut in the boy group Pentagon.

2. Park Doha

Doha was originally trained for acting, but he decided to challenge himself and enter the show.

Moving on to the former trainees, there are quite a handful.

3. Sung Hanbin

Perhaps the most famous, Hanbin sits at the top of the rankings weekly. He is now in Studio Glide.

4. Seok Matthew

Matthew trained with Hanbin and they are known to be close friends. He is currently in MNH.

5. Park Hanbin

The talented trainee is currently in WakeOne Entertainment.

6. Oh Sungmin

Sungmin is also in WakeOne Entertainment with Park Hanbin.

7. Park Minseok

Looks like WakeOne Entertainment took up many former Cube Entertainment trainees.

8. Jung Hojin

Although he is in the lower ranks, he still proved his talent.

9. Dang Hong Hai

A trainee from Vietnam, he is currently in Fantagio.

10. Chen Yu Geng

Hailing from Beijing, he’s currently in T.Entertainment.

11. Lin Shi Yuan

He is an individual trainee from Canton, China.

It’s a pity that Cube Entertainment let go of such potential!

Source: Nate Pann

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