DAY6’s Jae Opens Up On His Journey With Mental Health Ahead Of New “MINDSET” Audio Collection

The collection aims to share his stories with fans.

In a new trailer for his upcoming series on the DIVE Studios MINDSET app, DAY6‘s Jae spoke about his journey as an idol and the struggles he has faced.

Jae opens the video by listing words that he says have been used to describe him including, “rude,” “stubborn,” and “loser.” He explains that fans may know him as “eaJ” or “Jae from DAY6” in the public eye as a singer-songwriter.

He then points out that people do not know the full story, including his deepest thoughts and challenging experiences he has faced during his career.

The aim of the audio collection is for people to know the real Jae, from the people, the events, and the environments that shaped him into the person he is!

Jae ends by saying that his hope is, by sharing his stories, fans can understand how he has “overcome and is overcoming” personal challenges in his life!

Jae has made no secret of his battle with mental health problems, which led him to take a temporary break from group activities with member Sungjin.

For many fans, Jae is an idol who regularly speaks about the hard-hitting issues that the industry sometimes tends to shy away from, such as mental health.

The MINDSET application features an “intimate audio collection of personal stories and lessons learned from your favorite artists and celebrities.” Eric Nam and Tablo have already featured on the application, and many more are set to take part.


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