5 Deleted Posts By K-Celebs That Sparked Major Backlash

Each star apologized after deletion.

While many are aware that the “Internet is Forever” when it comes to funny posts being deleted, the same is true for posts that spark controversy. Even after their deletion, the poster will often be criticized because of what was shared and how they shared it.

Here are five recent times K-Celebs deleted posts that sparked massive backlash.

1. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri is an actress under Management MMM and has appeared in projects like The Handmaiden and Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. In May 2022, the actress sparked controversy by asking for free labor from fans for her YouTube videos in the form of translations.

Kim Tae Ri | Vogue Korea

Typically, translation services are paid positions due to the time required to complete them. In the form shared by her agency that fans were asked to fill out, it was mentioned that a 20-30 minute video could take four to six hours to subtitle.  

All data relating to the request was deleted, and Kim Tae Ri offered a personal apology to her fans.

2. Ko So Young

Actress Ko So Young was hit with massive backlash after sharing photos of her family while on vacation in Japan. While the photos were ordinary, netizens were enraged because she posted them on Korea’s Liberation Day.

| theqoo

Liberation Day commemorates Korea’s independence from 35 years under Japanese colonial rule. During this time, the Japanese committed horrible acts, including forcing an estimated 500,000 Korean women into sexual slavery, murdering between 270,000 and 810,000 Koreans through forced labor, and abolishing the Korean language.

Comfort woman statue in Seoul | The Hankyoreh

Ko So Young shared an apology after deleting the photos, saying she would be more cautious in the future.

3. Kim Sung Eun

Kim Sung Eun faced backlash after sharing photos of herself vacationing in Hawaii just days after a massive wildfire swept through Maui, killing over one hundred as around one thousand people remain missing.

| WikiTree

Netizens felt this was highly insensitive and highlighted the juxtaposition Native Hawaiians find themselves in with tourists.

Following criticism, Kim Sung Eun deleted the post. 

4. GOT7’s BamBam

In August 2022, GOT7‘s BamBam shared a series of throwback posts from GOT7’s 2018 world tour. Several photos were posted from the group’s time in Russia, something many felt was made in poor taste due to the country’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

BamBam initially deleted the post before reposting it with the caption, “happy now?,” though this was later changed. BamBam apologized to fans on Twitter, where he also asked about the motivation behind the criticism.

5. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Following their time in America earlier this spring, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung shared several photos on her Instagram account. Three of the photos showed Chaeyoung wearing a t-shirt with a swastika.

The shirt features a famous image of Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious, a punk icon known for his “provocative” fashion, including wearing outfits with the swastika symbol. Adolf Hitler and his followers adopted the swastika as they killed millions of Jews and committed other atrocities during World War II.

Chaeyoung deleted the post and apologized, promising to keep anything similar from happening again.