Here’s What The Eliminated SIXTEEN Contestants Are Doing Now

They’ve come a long way since 2015.

In 2015, JYP Entertainment and Mnet produced SIXTEEN, the reality survival show that would determine TWICE‘s 9-member line-up. Here’s what these 7 eliminated contestants have been doing since SIXTEEN ended.


1. Minyoung

If TWICE had been a 10-member group, instead of a 9-member group, this powerful vocalist would have made the cut. Miyoung placed 10th overall, just after Momo, which eliminated her from the show.

After SIXTEEN ended, Minyoung left JYP Entertainment to pursue her career goals elsewhere. For now, she has all but disappeared from the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make a comeback in the future!


2. Somi

After taking 11th place, Somi‘s time on SIXTEEN ended, but her career was just getting started.

Out of all the eliminated contestants, this Canadian-Korean soloist has been one of the most active. After leaving SIXTEEN, she joined another survival show, Produce 101, and won first place, which guaranteed her a spot in the I.O.I lineup.

Just before I.O.I’s disbandment, Somi signed a formal contract with her agency that would allow her to do solo activities, such as variety shows, until she made her official debut. She appeared on several shows, including Sister’s Slam Dunk and Idol Drama Operation Team. 

As of August 20, 2018, Somi is no longer a JYP Entertainment trainee. She has terminated her exclusive contract and is currently exploring other career options.


3. Natty

Thai singer Natty joined SIXTEEN at the age of 13. Although she was the youngest contestant on the show, Natty proved that she has just as much passion as the older competitors. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the final episode, after coming in 12th place.

Natty Reveals “SIXTEEN” Was One Of The Reasons She Left JYP Entertainment

Feeling discouraged, Natty returned to Thailand with the intention of giving up on her idol dreams, but decided to give it another shot.

After she left JYP Entertainment, Natty went on to appear on Idol School and gave the competition everything she had. Although Natty was ultimately eliminated from the show, she received a Number 1 ranking for her vocal abilities.

Ever since her elimination, fans have not received many updates about this talented contestant, but they are still hoping she will one day make her much-deserved debut!


4. Chaeryeong

This bright, lovable SIXTEEN contestant was eliminated from the show after coming in 13th place.

This, however, was not her first time on a survival show. Before joining SIXTEEN, Chaeryeong had appeared on K-Pop Star 3, where she wow judged with her incredible hip-hop dance skills. At the time, she was only 11 years old.

SIXTEEN fans were thrilled to see her again when she competed on Stray Kids in 2017.

JYP Entertainment Will Be Debuting Their New Girl Group Before The End Of The Year

Chaeryeong still has not officially made her debut, but fans feel that she is a strong contender for JYP Entertainment’s highly anticipated new girl group, which is set to debut by the end of 2018.


5. Jiwon

This talented contestant placed 14th on SIXTEEN, but her elimination was just a stepping stone to her present singing career.

After leaving SIXTEEN and JYP Entertainment, Jiwon joined Idol School and ultimately finished Idol School in 6th place. This earned her a spot in the 9-member girl group fromis_9.

fromis_9 debuted on January 24, 2018 with their mini album To. Heart. Since then, Jiwon has been promoting with her group. Her dreams of being an idol have finally come true!


6. Eunsuh

This gorgeous contestant was eliminated from the show after coming in 15th place on SIXTEEN.

Like some of her fellow contestants, Eunsuh joined the cast of Idol School in the hopes of debuting in fromis_9. She lasted up until the final episode, but was eliminated, having come in 14th place.

Fans haven’t heard much from Eunsuh since she left Idol School, but they are wishing her the best and hope to see her again in the future.


7. Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon, the final SIXTEEN contestant, left the show after placing 16th.

Like her sister Chaeryeong, Chaeyeon was also a former  K-Pop Star 3 contestant prior to joining SIXTEEN. 

After SIXTEEN ended, Chaeyeon became a trainee under WM Entertainment. She went on to join yet another survival show, Produce 48, and ranked 12th in the finale.

This makes her the final member of Produce 48‘s 12-member girl group, IZONE!