EXO’s Baekhyun And D.O. Have The Most Chaotic Friendship, And These 10 Moments Prove That Opposites Attract

They break all the stereotypes of the MBTI.

EXO‘s Baekhyun and D.O. (also known as D.O.) are part of EXO’s main vocal line, and ever since their debut, they’ve proved why EXO is at another level when it comes to vocalists.

Like everyone in EXO, the two are the best of friends, and fans always love seeing their Tom-and-Jerry relationship. Recently, EXO updated fans about their MBTIs, and to the surprise of everyone, Kyungsoo is an extrovert (ENTJ) while Baekhyun is an introvert (ISFP). If you’re an EXO-L, you know that the opposite seems true, but that’s EXO for you: they’re constantly breaking expectations and stereotypes.

On top of being opposite to what we expected, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun have completely opposite MBTIs, but these 10 moments prove that opposites attract, and the result is hilarious chaos.

1. Mafia

Baekhyun is unhinged when he plays mafia, and while he never fails to make us all laugh, Kyungsoo can never handle him.


Plot twist #exo #baekhyun #dokyungsoo #exol #kpop

♬ Ya Ya Ya – EXO

2. Baekhyun Is D.O.’s Happy Pill

While there are days when D.O. is done with Baekhyun’s energy, most days, D.O. absolutely adores him.

3. Did they switch personas, or is D.O. just being his true self?

D.O. and Baekhyun have insane charisma when on stage, but sometimes, their dorky sides pop out.

4. JPG vs. Time Lapse

This is why it’s so hard to believe Kyungsoo is an extrovert while Baekhyun is an introvert. The math isn’t mathing (until you look at their social circles, that is).


Kyungsoo’s life would be so boring without Baekhyun. That’s a fact 🙁

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

5. Baekhyun is the friend who hypes you up more than anyone else.

He also had a slight obsession with bald Kyungsoo, but that’s a story for another day.

6. When the introvert exhausts the extrovert.

No matter how close they are, there are always times when best friends need a break from each other.

7. Every Day Is Full Of Laughter.

Nothing is brighter than Kyungsoo’s smile, so maybe that’s why Baekhyun plays with him so much.


Remember when kyungsoo said that he’ll laugh easily when it comes to baekhyun whatever he does? #do #baekhyun #dokyungsoo #byunbaekhyun #baeksoo #exo

♬ 파라다이스 Paradise – EXO

8. We All Want His Level Of Patience

Sometimes, you have to let the puppy get out the zoomies.

9. Best friends don’t let each other be embarrassed alone.

They’ve always got each other’s backs.

10. No Hard Feelings, Ever.

Their smiles never leave their faces, even when they annoy each other.


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