EXO Update Fans On Their MBTI Types And Fans Couldn’t Be More Surprised

No one was expecting these changes.

EXO have revealed their MBTI types in the past, although in a recent video to celebrate Xiumin‘s solo debut, Brand New, the members admitted that they’ve never talked to each other about their MBTIs.

Xiumin: I realized I don’t know your MBTIs.

Kai: I don’t think we’ve ever talked about MBTI before.

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When EXO’s Sehun revealed his MBTI in an interview with ELLE KOREA in August, fans finally knew the MBTI types of most of the members. However, EXO-Ls were in for a surprise with the members’ most recent updates.


Suho is still an ENFJ. Known as the “Protagonist,” ENFJs are often in leadership positions because they want to impact the world positively. They are also known for being incredibly vocal about their values, although they do so in an empathetic and understanding way.

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In the past, Xiumin was an ISFJ, known as the “Defender.” However, in the video, Xiumin shared that his MBTI type has changed to be the same as Suho’s. The “Protagonists” are likely to try and help everyone around them and have an innate ability to understand their friends. Their focus on doing the right thing helps them navigate life.

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Fans didn’t know Chen‘s MBTI in the past, but they did feel pretty confident that he would be an introvert. Unexpectedly, when Chen talked about his MBTI with his members, he was only confident in the fact that he was an extrovert. Extroverts tend to gain energy when interacting with other people, rather than introverts who have energy drained from them during social situations.

Chen also claimed that he had N (intuition) and F (feeling) in his MBTI type, although he did not know if he was a judging or perceiving type. Intuitive types typically learn about the world by thinking rather than experiencing. They tend to focus on the big picture before the details. Feeling types usually evaluate situations through empathy, evaluating how others will receive different decisions.

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In the past, Kai has identified as an INFJ, reaffirming that he is the “Advocate” type in the video. INFJs have vivid imaginations and always want to pursue their ambitions. They also tend to have immense sincerity, focusing on their own set of values and morals as they navigate life.

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In the video, Sehun admitted that he’s “never done [the test himself],” but going off of what his fans believe, he is an INFP, the same MBTI type he shared in his ELLE KOREA interview. Known as the “Mediator,” INFPs are immensely creative and happily lost in daydreams. They tend to focus on emotional connections with others and can often come across as unassuming.

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D.O. wasn’t able to film the video with the other members in person, but he was able to answer their phone call and share his updated MBTI type. In the past, D.O. was an ISFJ, but in the call, he revealed that he’s now an ENTJ. ENTJs are known as the “Commander” and, like ENFJs, are typically considered natural leaders. They are rational thinkers, which they use to guide their decisions, and they love tackling different challenges in life. ENFJs are also known for being incredibly charismatic.

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Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Lay

Although the three were not in the video, EXO-Ls know that Baekhyun is an ISFP and Chanyeol is an ENFP. Fans do not know Lay‘s MBTI, but they assume that he probably has an F (Feeling) in his MBTI type.

Given the unexpected changes for Xiumin and D.O., fans were surprised that EXO has gained more extroverted members, even joking that the “E” stands for “enlistment” rather than “extrovert.”

And fans also joked about EXO’s missed opportunity when stating their MBTI types.

You can read about EXO’s previous results here.

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