EXO’s Kai Is A Duality King – 10 GIFs To Prove It

He’s the epitome of duality.

When did you first get to know of EXO‘s Kai? Was it from his stellar debut teaser? From his dance skills? Or… his hilarious appearance on Knowing Bros? Whatever it is, we all can agree that Kai is an absolute king at duality! Here’s 10 GIFs to prove it.

1.  His solo debut teaser

Ah yes, starting off strong.

| pann

2. Fedora Kai

He did say that a hat is the most important part of dancing!

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3. He’s adorable

Aegyo is just a part of his daily life.

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4. Back to cool Kai

Seriously, his dance is out of the world.

| pann

5. His charisma

If looks could kill…

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6. Jongin or Kai?

We can’t choose.

| pann

7. On a kids show

But he’s the kid!

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8. A whole cutie

We have no words.

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9. Just when you let your guard down…

…he attacks you with his hotness.

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10. Last but not least

His iconic moment!

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Jongin or Kai? Kai or Jongin? Why choose when you can have them both! Kai’s first-ever solo album drops on November 30, 2020. Stay tuned.

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