15 EXO Lyrics That Fully Express The Feeling Of Love Without Directly Saying “I Love You”

No. 3 is so heart-fluttering!

Each and every single one of EXO‘s songs have the ability to touch the hearts of all who listen and you won’t need to look any further than their lyrics to understand why. In all of EXO’s songs, you’ll not only find EXO’s love for their fans but you’ll also find incredibly romantic sentiments.

Recently, over on the Korean web portal The Qoo, netizens discussed some of EXO’s most romantic lyrics that could easily replace the words “I love you.” While we can’t cover them all since there are just so many heart-fluttering lines, here are just a few of EXO’s heart-warming words that perfectly express feelings of love without directly saying “I love you.”

1. “You are my lover among countless people. A four-leaf clover that I found by luck” from “Lucky One”

If you’ve ever searched for a lucky four-leaf clover, you’ll know that you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the clovers with only 3 leaves.

Finding that 4-leaf clover among all the rest is something incredibly special, just like finding someone to share your heart with.

2. “I’ll live every day as if I were born for you” from “3.6.5”

Whether or not you believe in soulmates, this part of “3.6.5” will have you at least believing in true love!

3. “You are my entire universe” from “Love Me Right”

The super catchy beat has made “Love Me Right” a much-loved title track from EXO but the beat isn’t the only reason why fans love the song so much.

After all, who wouldn’t fall for “Love Me Right” and EXO after hearing them sing, “You are my entire universe!”

4. “That’s all I need to know, that you are doing fine” from “White Noise”

Although the line may be heartbreaking — which makes sense since “White Noise” is about lost love — it’s also beautifully heart-warming too. Despite losing their love, they still wish them the best and want to make sure that they’re doing okay. Even in heartbreak, you can still express “I love you.”

5. “You have my world. You’re my small universe” from “Universe”

While EXO’s “Universe” is full of sweet lyrics that could easily express love, this particular line is just plain powerful. You have my world and my heart!

6. “Full of stars shining brightly white. Walking along this road together with you” from “Walking On Memories”

“Walk On Memories” is an absolutely beautiful song and this line, in particular, has touched a lot of fans’ hearts. After all, expressing the feeling that the stars will always shine bright no matter how tough the road is as long as we’re together, is pure love!

7. “If we walk together like this, wherever we go, it’ll be heaven” from “Angel”

When you really love someone it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing because you’re happy to be with the one you love. Or in the words of “Angel”, “If we walk together like this, wherever we go, it’ll be heaven.”

8. “I don’t need a map. My heart points to you” from “Black Pearl”

They say life is a journey and while we don’t get a map, according to EXO there’s no need for one because one’s heart always points towards the one they love.

9. “When I think of you, I get excited like a kid” from “Christmas Day”

If you celebrate Christmas, you definitely know the excitement that Christmas morning brings and to say that thinking about your crush makes you feel that excited?

That’s not a crush, that’s love!

10. “I’ll run to you through the darkness. I’ll hold you close in this crazy race” from “Forever”

Love isn’t always about the easy and fun times but making it through all the hard times (or darkness in this case) together is a sign of true love.

11.”The sky gave you everything. And this world gave me you” from “Heaven”

Compliment? Check! Confession? Check! This double whammy of a line is not only incredibly romantic it also expresses love like no other!

12.”Being curious about your day takes up all of my day” from “My Answer”

If wanting to know all the details, good and bad, of another person’s day doesn’t say “I love you” then what does!

13. “Even if I was born again, I can’t be without you. A thousand words is not enough, for life” from “For Life”

No words can express just how touching, romantic, and sweet this particular love confession is.

14. “You’re lotto” from “Lotto”

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. What’s romantic about this simple phrase? Well, everything!

Not only does this express that you’re worth a lot, as the very last line in the song, it also captures all of the feelings of love in the entire song!

15. “You’ve become the center of my day” from “Twenty Four”

Just like the lyric from “For Life”, this line expresses the feeling of wanting to know all about the person you care about.

Source: The Qoo