11 Times EXO’s Sehun Literally Wore His Love For His Doggo Vivi On His Sleeve

From hoodies to sneakers, Sehun is always ready to display his love for Vivi:

EXO‘s Sehun loves his sweet bichon frise, Vivi, with his whole heart. See any interaction between the two and you’re pretty much guaranteed to melt because they are seriously that cute!

Image: @oohsehun/Instagram

Sehun has never been shy about showcasing his love for Vivi by posting pictures on Instagram, celebrating Vivi’s birthday, and simply chilling with Vivi whenever he gets the chance.

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6.2 vivi happybirthdayyyyyyyy😍

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Those, however, aren’t the only ways Sehun has shown his love for the doggo! Sehun has been known to wear his love for Vivi on his sleeve…literally! From hoodies to customized sneakers, here are a few times that Sehun has proudly displayed his love for Vivi for all to see!

1. The only headband that matters

Okay, Sehun has worn many, many, many adorable headbands over the years but this headband featuring two bichon frises? Way too adorable!

2. Hoodie up

Sehun is always capturing attention for his heart-fluttering airport fashion. When he wore this hoodie featuring a Vivi print, however, he didn’t just capture everyone’s attention he captured everyone’s heart too!

3. The perfect pin

A pin that perfectly captures the pure fluffiness that is Vivi? Of course, it’s the perfect pin for Sehun! No wonder he proudly wore it during EXO-SC’s fansign event!

4. How about a Vivi nón lá?

Sehun even has a traditional Vietnamese nón lá decked out with a cute picture of Vivi!

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5. The cutest shoes around

Despite buying some food for his other furry friend Monsieur during an NNG video, Vivi made a surprise appearance!

6. Wait, there’s more cuteness to go around!

So those actually aren’t the only pair of Vivi shoes Sehun owns. He’s also been spotted wearing this particular pair on more than occasion!

7. When two pairs of Vivi kicks aren’t enough!

You can never have too many pairs of cute shoes especially if those shoes feature a print that is pure fluffy goodness!

8. Hiding in plain sight

While we’re not 100% sure if that’s another pin or if it’s a sticker, we are sure that Sehun wearing the bichon frise item is absolutely adorable.

9. Even his phone case matches

Many people love to display their interest through their phones and that’s exactly what Sehun did with his Vivi-esque phone case!

10. Fans galore

Sehun has received quite a few adorable Vivi fans from EXO-Ls over the years and he always looks super happy whenever he gets them!

11. When plushies become the ultimate fashion accessory

If you give Sehun a Vivi plushie, he will turn into the happiest maknae around. He’ll definitely carry it around…

And maybe even proudly wear the plush as a hat!

There’s no doubt that when it comes to Vivi, Sehun is always ready to show his love on his sleeve, head, or even feet! Vivi and Sehun are the cutest duo ever!