Fans Wonder If HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob Even Ages At All After Looking At Childhood Photos

How is this possible?

After fans saw a recent photo of HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob, fans began to wonder if he aged at all. Yang was born on January 5, 1990 (30 years old) and is the main vocalist of the group HIGHLIGHT (previously known as BEAST). He began his mandatory military service on January 24, 2019. A compilation of Yang’s childhood photos resurfaced online and shocked fans at just how similar he looked compared to his older photos and now.

Here is Yang at a very young age. Although the photo is a bit old, you can still see the prominent features on his face that he still has today.

In this photo, his facial features can be seen more clearly, looking exactly like how he does now.

These photos look like they are from middle school and once again, he looks exactly the same.

These photos shocked fans as they felt these photos could pass as something he took recently.

Here is another picture from school with fellow member Kikwang.

This high school photo is even more similar to how he looks now.

Fans don’t understand how time seems to go backwards for him as he seemed to look even younger after his debut.

Look at those puppy dog eyes!

Who would think that this is someone entering his thirties?

This is the most recent photo of Yang, which shows no difference from his childhood and baby photos!

Fans can’t get over the fact that he’s the only one staying young while everyone else is aging.

Well, it’s never a bad thing to look young! Yang will be discharged from the military on August 30, 2020.