These 3 Female Idols Look Drastically Different After Changing Their Hairline

#3 had a serious hairline glow up.

These 3 female idols underwent a gorgeous transformation the moment they changed their hairline. Even though they’re always beautiful, most people can agree that their new look levelled up their visuals even more! Check out the ladies who showed how a small change can reinvent your whole look.

1. Joy (Red Velvet)

When Joy debuted, she had a cute and innocent image as Red Velvet’s maknae.

Joy during the beginning of Red Velvet.

Her styling reflected this image. Specifically, the hairline she had gave her a shorter forehead and made her look even younger.

However, after growing up and opting for a more sexy image, the stylists changed her hairline to reveal more of her forehead.

This new look is more flattering for her circular face shape.

She elongated her face and took on a more sultry image.

Joy during Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo era.

2. Suzy (Miss A)

Suzy had a very similar hairline to Joy which made her forehead very small.

Suzy in her early acting career.

She changed up her hairline and debuted a new look that showed off her beauty even more.


With more of her forehead exposed, she let more of her visuals shine!

Current Suzy


3. Sunmi

Previously, Sunmi’s hairline was a bit uneven with a strong widow’s peak.

Sunmi in “Full Moon” era.

It especially showed in selfies or when she styled her hair in a parted ponytail.

After switching up her part, everything fell into place!

This new look takes the attention away from her hairline and back onto her gorgeous face.

The next time you want to switch up your look, opt for changing your part or hairline to create a new vibe like Sunmi!

Current Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram   
Source: TheQoo
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