6 Female Idols Who Got Caught Fangirling Over TWICE Tzuyu

These idols all fell for her.

ONCEs have fallen hard for Tzuyu‘s charms, but they aren’t the only ones. These celebrity fangirls are just as crazy as fans are about TWICE‘s gorgeous maknae!


1. Mina (Gugudan)

Fans captured an adorable interaction between Mina and Tzuyu at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards. While Gugudan and TWICE were on stage, Mina couldn’t stop staring at Tzuyu…and Tzuyu noticed!

When Mina realized she’d been caught, she broke out into a bashful smile.

Fans found her reaction incredibly endearing.


2. Naeun (Apink)

During an episode of Radio Star, Cha Tae Hyun asked Naeun if she had her eyes on any idols lately. She surprised him by naming a female idol: Tzuyu.

Naeun said that among junior groups, Tzuyu stood out for her beauty.

When Naeun watched Tzuyu during the Idol School Athletics Championships, Tzuyu’s reserved personality reminded Naeun of herself during her rookie days.


3. JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)

Brown Eyed Girls‘s leader JeA couldn’t stop fangirling over Tzuyu while hosting an episode of Celuv TV. In this particular episode, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung both appeared as guests.

Throughout the show, JeA repeatedly said how cute Tzuyu was, but there was one moment when she really couldn’t keep a lid on her fangirl love. When Tzuyu was tasked with creating words from a few sounds, she answered hesitantly. This made JeA explode with laughter while exclaiming, “so cute!”

Fans couldn’t believe how much of a fangirl the accomplished singer and songwriter is. In fact, some said that if Tzuyu wanted to get a reaction from JeA, all she’d have to do is breathe!


4. Lee Hyori

In an episode of Party People, Lee Hyori named Tzuyu as the prettiest female idol.

During her 4-year hiatus, Lee Hyori kept up to date on the K-Pop world and was especially interested in female idols who were dubbed to “the next Lee Hyori”.

This seasoned star found Tzuyu so strikingly beautiful that she couldn’t keep her eyes off her!


5. Park Ji Min (15&)

During an appearance on After School Club, TWICE were asked to reenact fan-submitted gifs. Host Park Ji Min was not prepared for Tzuyu’s adorable Kim Possible impression, to say the least.

Tzuyu’s cuteness made Park Ji Min’s heart flutter, so much so that she was nearly struck speechless!


6.  Nayeon (TWICE)

Tzuyu has her fair share of fangirls, but her biggest one might be this affectionate TWICE member!

Nayeon loves to shower Tzuyu with kisses…

..even if Tzuyu rejects them most of the time!