These 2 Female Idols Look Like Tiny Fairies But Are Actually Taller Than You Think

Their height IRL is shocking.

These two female idols are known for their small, fairy-like image. However, you might never guess their height actually exceeds 160 cm! Check out the idols who are much taller than they appear.

1. IU

IU might have the image of a short and cute fairy…

…but in reality, her height is around 161.8 cm!

Many people might assume IU’s height is in the 150s due to her small and cute image.

However, the length of her legs says otherwise.

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Like IU, Taeyeon has a small and pretty image.


Her true height actually reaches 160 cm.

She might be seen as shorter by fans since she is one of the shorter members in Girls’ Generation.

In real life, she’s much taller than most people might think.

Source: TheQoo
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