BTS Releases 20+ Film Camera Photos From “Butter” To “Permission To Dance” Era

These pics are 100% boyfriend material. 😍

From photoshoots to live performances, these film camera photos capture BTS behind-the-scenes of their latest projects throughout the last couple of months. Check out all of the photos from NAVER below!

1. Butter “Cream” Photoshoot

Spend a day at the beach with BTS!

2. Butter “Peaches” Photoshoot

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this car wash photoshoot.

3. “Butter” Music Video

The members are the definition of “dapper” behind the scenes of this video!

4. “Permission To Dance” Music Video

This one is for all the old western fans.

5. “Permission To Dance” Live Performance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”

These super cute blurry photos have just the right amount of “aesthetic!”

Source: Naver


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