Former Big Hit Entertainment Female Trainees Gain Attention For Their Gorgeous Visuals

They’re stunning!

Although Big Hit Entertainment currently only accepts male trainees, they used to train several females who went on to make their debut in separate groups. Big Hit Entertainment even debuted girl group Glam who, unfortunately, disbanded due to a controversy that involved one of the members.

Among Big Hit Entertainment’s past trainees, Nine MusesSojin, GFRIEND‘s SinB, and Glam‘s Zinni are gaining attention online for their beautiful visuals. Check them out below!

1. Sojin (Nine Muses)

Sojin trained in Big Hit Entertainment but eventually left to make her debut in Nine Muses. She is now an actress under SE M&M.


SinB trained in Big Hit Entertainment alongside fellow GFRIEND member Eunha. Although they didn’t end up debuting under Big Hit Entertainment, faith has its ways because Big Hit Entertainment acquired GFRIEND’s label in 2019.

3. Zinni (Glam)

Last but not the least, Zinni debuted in Big Hit Entertainment’s first and last girl group, Glam, in 2012. She is reportedly now a skateboarder who has won many awards.

Evidently, Big Hit Entertainment had great taste in female trainees!