4 Former Idols Who Became TikTok Stars With Over A Million Followers

They are now top creators on TikTok!

The idol world is tough to survive in. Just because you made it to debut, doesn’t guarantee success. Many failed idols turn to other means of making a living, such as part-time jobs or switching careers altogether. For the lucky few, they’ve managed to stay in the industry by becoming social media influencers and creators. Here are 4 former idols who found success on TikTok.

1. Chu Danbi

Chu Danbi was once a part of Moonlight Girls (DBSN). She was active under the name Sia. Unfortunately, the group soon disbanded. She tried her hand at being an idol again with the group YOURS, but it was also met with no fruition.

Now, she’s a TikTok creator with over 1 million followers!

2. Dalha

We’ve reported on this beauty before. Dalha was once Hayun of Brave Girls. She quit the group before they hit their stride with the resurgence of “Rollin'”.

But things worked out for her anyway! She’s now an influencer with close to 7 million followers.

3. Insoo

Insoo was set to debut as part of the boy group, Off The Cuff. Although the released various pre-debut tracks and MVs, the group failed to make an actual debut and announced their disbandment before things even took off.

He quickly made a name for himself online and as of 2022, just a year after OTC’s disbandment, he’s already amassed 2 million followers.

4. Karam

Karam was part of DaeGuk NamA The Boss (DGNA). The group did not see much success in South Korea, but was fairly popular in Japan. They mostly promoted in Japan as such.

Years later, Karam now creates scenarios and content on TikTok to an audience of close to 5 million.

This just goes to show that there’s always a different path to success for everyone!

Source: Nate Pann